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Fixed Yarn

Fixed yarn is a type of yarn made with some fine fiber or synthetic material added to the yarn during the production process. This added material increases the durability and flexibility of the yarn. Fixed yarn is generally used in the production of durable and long-lasting textile products.

Frieze Yarn

Frieze yarn is a type of yarn created by adding extra long fibers to the surface of the yarn during the production process. These long fibers create a curly, wavy appearance that can be easily observed on the surface of the yarn. This feature is used to create a softer and voluminous texture in textile products.

Punched Yarn

Spotted yarn is characterized by patterns created by thin colored or contrasting colored threads placed on the surface of the yarn. These patterns add an aesthetic appearance to textile products. Staple thread is used to add decorative details to fabrics or woven products

Gradient Yarn

Gradient yarn is yarn that changes in color tones along its length. These color transitions are created by combining different color tones in a single thread. Gradient yarn is preferred to provide soft and natural color transitions in knitting or woven products. These threads are used in many areas such as clothing and home textiles.

Polyester Yarn

Having a wide range of applications from dress design to home textiles, polyester yarn has become a major player in the textile industry by combining excellent durability, low maintenance and a variety of color options. Polyester thread remains popular among synthetic fibers thanks to its light structure and high strength.

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